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Focused both on discovery and on mentoring future generations of researchers, Salk scientists make groundbreaking contributions to our understanding of cancer, aging, Alzheimer's, diabetes and infectious diseases by studying neuroscience, genetics, cell and plant biology, and related disciplines.


Faculty Awards & Honors

Some of today's most pioneering and talented scientists call the Salk Institute their professional home. Their excellence has been recognized through countless national and international awards and honors. Among many others they include:

Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize is widely regarded as the most prestigious awards given for intellectual achievement in the world. As stipulated by Alfred Nobel in his will, it is awarded "to those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind."

Sydney Brenner

Renato Dulbecco 1914-2012

Roger Guillemin

Francis Crick 1916-2004

Robert W. Holley 1922-1993


Overlooking the Pacific Ocean in La Jolla, the Salk Institute offers a warm, collegial and collaborative work environment, where employees enjoy a generous benefits program. Social activities on campus encourage interaction as a community.


Community and Education

More than 40 years ago, a vision first took shape in the form of the Institute's High School Scholars program, which today is one of three signature programs of Salk's Education Outreach department.

Whether internationally, nationally or in San Diego, sharing the knowledge of Salk science, volunteerism and philanthropy creates a powerful ripple effect that enhances and shapes the future of science.

Salk's community involvement is powerful and diverse and is key to training the next generation of scientists.


Every cure has a starting point. Like Dr. Jonas Salk when he conquered polio, Salk scientists are dedicated to innovative biological research. Exploring the molecular basis of diseases makes curing them more likely. In an outstanding and unique environment we gather the foremost scientific minds in the world and give them the freedom to work collaboratively and think creatively. For over 50 years this wide-ranging scientific inquiry has yielded life-changing discoveries impacting human health. We are home to Nobel Laureates and members of the National Academy of Sciences who train and mentor the next generation of international scientists. We lead biological research. We prize discovery. Salk is where cures begin.

Open Jobs
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